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Date: Saturday, 13 April 2024, 11:48 AM


1. Wie erhalte ich Support für den CIB pdf brewer?

Egal ob Sie Unterstützung bei der Einrichtung von Profilen, der Erstellung einer Vorlage für elektronische Rechnungen oder unseren Support-Service für andere Anliegen benötigen - wir unterstützen Sie gerne.

Im Folgenden finden Sie eine Übersicht unserer Supportangebote:

Für Nutzer mit einer schweren Behinderung

Schwerbehinderte Menschen bieten wir unsere CIB pdf brewer Lizenz inklusive Support kostenfrei an.

Bitte stellen Sie Ihre Anfrage über dieses Formular.

Nutzer mit Support-Vertrag

Wenn Sie mit Ihrem Unternehmen im Rahmen einer Lizenzierung einen gesonderten Support-Vertrag mit uns abgeschlossen haben, ist der Support-Service für Sie bereits inbegriffen.
Sie können sich an uns über eine persönliche Supportanfrage im Ticketsystem, via Telefon, über E-Mail oder durch eine Fernwartung online wenden.

Kostenpflichtiger Support für weitere Nutzer

CIB pdf brewer Lizenznehmer ohne Support-Vertrag oder Nutzer der kostenfreien Version des CIB pdf brewer berechnen wir den Service mit 40 EUR (zzgl. MwSt.) pro angefangene Viertelstunde (verrechnete Supporteinheit: 15 Minuten). *

Wenn Sie unser kostenpflichtiges Supportangebot nutzen möchten, senden Sie uns bitte dieses Formular.

Wählen Sie dazu im 1. Drop-Down-Menu "CIB pdf brewer Support" und im 2. Menü "Ich benutze den CIB pdf brewer in der kostenlosen Version und/oder habe keinen Anspruch auf kostenlosen Support".

*Für Nutzer des kostenpflichtigen Support-Service:

Der Service wird in Rechnung gestellt. Wir verrechnen alle Anfragen am Telefon, persönliche Ticketanfragen, Fernwartungsservices und via E-Mail zu diesem Tarif. Ein Vertrag kommt einfachheitshalber durch konkludentes Handeln zustande. Telefonische Antworten und Termine für Fernwartungen erhalten Sie zu unseren Supportzeiten. Schriftliche Antworten zu Fragen im Ticketsystem oder E-Mails erhalten Sie auch außerhalb der Supportzeiten.

2. Documents stay in the print queue. What can I do?

If documents get stuck in the print queue, or if the print queue is not available, it may help to stop and restart the print queue.
To do this, enter "cmd" in your Windows search field and right-click on the "Command Prompt" search result. Select "Run as administrator". 

Now enter the following in the opened command line:

 “C:\WINDOWS\system32>net stop spooler”

The printer queue is terminated. Now we start it again with:

"C:\WINDOWS\system32>net start spooler"




3. Wie kann ich meine Lizenz in den CIB pdf brewer eintragen?

Es gibt nur eine Installationsdatei für den CIB pdf brewer. Diese können Sie hier herunterladen:

Wenn Sie den CIB pdf brewer Business oder die Developer Edition erworben haben, können Sie die Funktionen der jeweiligen Version durch Eintragen der Lizenzdaten in der Standardversion des CIB pdf brewer aktivieren. Dies können Sie folgendermaßen erledigen:

1. Öffnen Sie die Systemsteuerung in Microsoft Windows.

2. Klicken Sie auf "Geräte und Drucker".

3. Klicken Sie auf „CIB pdf brewer“ und anschließend auf „Verwalten“.

4. Klicken Sie nun auf „Druckeinstellungen“.

5. Klicken Sie auf den Zahnrad-Button in der oberen rechten Ecke des Fensters.

6. Unter dem Menüpunkt „Lizenz“ können Sie Ihre Daten eintragen.

4. Is there an API (interface)?

CIB pdf brewer has en API interface. Please find details in the chapter API.

5. How can I create a ZUGFeRD or XRechnung invoice?

How you can create electronic invoices with the CIB pdf brewer is explained in chapter Create electronic invoices using CIB pdf brewer 3.

6. Which operating systems are supported by CIB pdf brewer?

The CIB pdf brewer is currently available for Microsoft Windows in the 64-bit version.

7. How can I get the latest updates?

The CIB pdf brewer receives regular updates. Please always use the latest version.

You can obtain the latest version of the CIB pdf brewer by updating via the user interface:

  1. Navigate to "Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Devices and Printers.
  2. Right-click on "CIB pdf brewer (3)" and select "Print settings".
  3. Now click on the gear wheel button.
  4.  In the new window, under "Update", click on "Search for updates now" and then install them.

Alternatively you can download the setup of the latest version on our homepage:


8. What are the differences between CIB pdf brewer 2 and 3?

The CIB pdf brewer 3 is a stand-alone PDF All-in-One solution which, in addition to many new features, also contains the entire range of functions of the CIB pdf brewer 2.

Among the innovations are:

A completely revised user interface creates clarity and focuses on functions. The user quickly finds his way around and long training periods are avoided.

E-invoices DSGVO compliant: The "brewer" supports numerous DSGVO compliant invoice formats. These include ZUGFeRD 2.1 and XRechnung, which are mandatory for invoicing to German authorities.

Security thanks to encryption: Support for PDF 2.0. The improved encryption mechanism can be used for even greater protection of documents.

PDF compression: The CIB fluXkomprimator is now part of the CIB pdf brewer and significantly reduces the size of PDF files. The quality is almost maintained and the readability of the documents is guaranteed at all times. This reduces archiving costs and avoids media discontinuity when sending digital documents.

Personalization: Thanks to its high integration capability, our brewer is more interesting than ever for companies. With the help of an interface, all functions of the CIB pdf brewer can be made available in other applications.

The CIB pdf brewer is free of charge: In the free version, brewer contains all the functions that can be selected from the user interface in full. Only e-invoices are provided with a demo imprint. Even in the freeware version, there is no limit for the creation of documents.

Another plus: The CIB pdf brewer still gets by without any advertising or adware! 

9. Does my CIB pdf brewer 2 licence work with CIB pdf brewer 3?

A license for the CIB pdf brewer 2 does not work with the CIB pdf brewer 3. This is because the CIB pdf brewer 3 is an independent solution which is distributed with an alternative license model. 

10. My licence key is not accepted or I lost it. What can I do?

If your license was not accepted after you entered it, please check the following in detail:

  • Did you perhaps enter a space after "licensee"?
  • Did you possibly set a character in the key incorrectly?
  • Please check that you enter your license key in the correct CIB solution - licenses for CIB pdf brewer 2 only work with CIB pdf brewer 2, licenses for CIB pdf brewer 3 Business only with CIB pdf brewer 3 Business.

If you are sure that you have inserted the license data correctly and it is still not recognized, please contact our support team at We will be happy to assist you.

11. How do I create a log file?

The log file is a useful tool for error analysis. It can be created as follows:

  • In the Windows File Exlorer, right-click on any file
  • Select "Convert with CIB pdf brewer" and then "General Settings"
  • Now click on "Extensions" in the menu and enable the log traces. Click on "View Traces" to open the path where the traces are located. Per default, the path to store is: C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\CIB software GmbH\CIB pdf brewer\Logs 
Log files can also be created for the installation process. For this purpose, the setup must be executed via CMD with the command /log="filename.txt". Further information in chapter Setup.

12. How do I create a log file for the installation?

There is a different log file for the installation than for the usage the CIB pdf brewer.

To obtain this, the setup of the CIB pdf brewer must be executed via Windows command prompt (CMD). Furthermore, the additional command /log="filename.txt" must be entered:

If no path is specified for the log file, it will be written to C:\Users\<USER>.

13. How can I create PDFs with embedded fonts?

Embedding fonts ensures that the fonts originally selected in the Document Editor are also used on computers for viewing and printing the PDF document on which these fonts are not installed. This also increases the size of the PDF document.

Fonts can be embedded as follows:

  • Navigate to: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers
  • Right-click on "CIB pdf brewer (3)" and select "Printer settings"
  • Click now on the pen button while having selected the profile in which you want to embed the fonts

en gearwheel

  • Click on PDF >> Fonts
  • Select the desired option of font embedding and confirm the settings with the Save Button.

14. Message "invalid content was found" when validating XRechnung. What can I do?

When validating a XRechnung, there might appear the following message:


This message can be removed when you mark the delivery date in your document with the color code 150,0,150.

There might appear other messages afterwards with presice hints.

15. What is the context menu and which entries are available?

A context menu is provided with CIB pdf brewer 3, which can be accessed in Windows via right-clicking on a document. 

The context menu provides quick access to the following options:

Convert to PDF

Opens a window to convert a document directly. Other formats can also be selected here as the output file. This entry is always displayed if the input file can be processed (PDF, RTF, etc.). 

pdf conversion english

Convert to PDF/A (PDF/A-3b)

Converts the file directly to PDF/A-3b and places it in the location of the source file as <filename>.pdfa3.pdf.


Opens a window that allows you to enter the key or the user or owner password directly. This option is only available for PDF files.

encryption english


Opens a window to decrypt a document. The password is expected as input. This option is only available for PDF files.



Opens a window to set compression. This option is only available for PDF files.


Merge & Split

A window will open where you can directly add documents or split the document. This option is only available for PDF files.

merge split english

General settings

Opens a window to convert a document directly. Other formats can also be selected here as the output file.
This entry is displayed whenever the input file can be processed (PDF, RTF, etc.).

general settings english

The following two entries have their own entry in the context menu - the upper ones are combined in one context menu.

Share with doXisafe cloud

Opens a window that stores the document under As long as one has an account and is logged in, the documents can be stored in the personal area and accessed via the doXisafe app.


Send as letter (CIB fairBrief)

Submits the document to the fairBrief client. If an account is available, PDF documents can be mailed through various print lines. More information can be provided to them by the sales department.


Open with > CIB doXiview (web)

Furthermore, a switch is available which controls whether the entry "Open with... > CIB doXiview (web)" should be available.

Here CIB doXiview is opened directly, but only if a corresponding instance is available.

NoteThe CIB pdf brewer can be installed without the context menu (or only with selected entries) as well as without the CIB doXiview opener. For more information see chapter Setup. 

16. How can I skip the profile-selection window?

When creating a document with CIB pdf brewer via print menu of an application, there is always appearing the window for profile selection.

You can skip this window by doing the following:

  1. In your application, click on Print >> Print settings
  2. The CIB pdf brewer settings window opens
  3. Select a profile or create one. Please find here how to create profiles
  4. Tick the Checkbox "Always use this profile". This option skips the profile selection window when printing.

17. How can I use the stationary function?

With the CIB pdf brewer you can deposit a stationery in the background or foreground of the PDF to be generated.

For example, you can create PDFs directly from Word and store information or corporate identity of your company.

You can do this as follows:

1. navigate to the print menu of the CIB pdf brewer.

2. select the desired profile and then click on the pencil button "Edit profile".

3. now click on Stationery in the profile menu, under PDF.

4. Please make sure that the stationery is actively selected. You can see this by the red border around the preview image.

5. There are several options available for including a stationery:

The first page of the stationery is applied to all pages of the document to be created:

The first side of the stationery is placed on the first page of the document to be created. The second side of the letterhead is applied to all the following pages of the document to be created:

The first side of the letter paper is applied to the first side of the document to be generated, the second side of the stationery is applied to the second side of the document to be generated:

Only the first page of the stationery is placed on the first page of the document to be created:

18. How can I cancel my subscription?

You have the option of managing all your orders via CIB cash. You can also cancel your license there.

  1. Open and authenticate yourself with your user name and password.
  2. Then click on your user name at the top right and then on "Profile"
  3. Now click on the "Subscription & Billing" tab.

  4. Select the appropriate license(s) by clicking on the checkbox.

  5. Now click on the "Cancel subscription" button.

If you select this option, the license agreement is automatically terminated and the status is displayed as such.