Office Add-In

Starting CIB pdf brewer 3.3.0 a Microsoft's Office Add-in is offered, currently only available in Word, that allows direct PDF creation without traversing the menu for printing. Additionally, it allows you to convert Office form fields to PDF form fields. In 3.6.0 PDF/UA generation was included for the first time. In 3.7.0 an e-invoice wizard was added to help with invoice generation.

CIB pdf brewer Add-in ribbon

There are four groups in the Add-in ribbon. Options available are described below.

PDF creation

In the PDF creation group we have three buttons to create a PDF from the current state of the document. All buttons will execute the printing process of CIB pdf brewer, the "Create Hybrid PDF" button is a nice and handy shortcut to automatically create a Hybrid PDF. That is, the source file will be embedded in the PDF, for later modifications, if required. PDF/UA requires additional information to be filled, and the user will be asked to fill this information before attempting to generate the document.


In this group we have all the tools currently available for PDF form creation from Microsoft Office.

The "Convert form fields" button is a toggle to enable this utility in next PDF creation from the Add-in.

The rest of the buttons, except the help button which brings you to this page, are shortcuts for PDF creation. Those form fields are the currently fields we support, so they can be converted to its analogous in PDF. Additionally, you can add a signature field for the PDF.


With this group you can easily use our markup utility to generate electronic invoices. You first have to select an invoice format and then you will be ready to prepare the invoice marking process. To create the invoice, the toggle button "Create e-invoice" must be active, afterwards, a click on "Create PDF" will generate the invoice. You can also browse our examples, to see how the markup process work.


Handy shortcut to CIB pdf brewer's general settings, and info button link. 

Add-in for PowerPoint

Since CIB pdf brewer 3.9.0 there is an add-in for PowerPoint.

office addin brewer powerpoint EN

In addition to the functions already explained (Create PDF, Create Hybrid PDF, Generel settings and Info), the AddIn for PowerPoint contains a switch for activating and deactivating the presentation mode. The presentation mode allows PDFs to be opened directly in full screen mode. This feature must also be supported by the document viewer. Adobe Reader, for example, supports this.