Willkommen zum CIB-Deutschtraining!

Here, you can check out all the training modules that CIB-Deutschtraining includes.

The language training will take place during working hours and can be booked in the jira task "Sprachkurs-1 Deutschtraining"

Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions or feedback at Deutschtraining@cib.de!



Der, die, das? Wieso, weshalb, warum?

This module conveys the grammatical basics of the German language. Once a week, we will discuss a new topic and you will get the chance to practise the new material with your colleagues right away.


We have to talk!

The conversation training offers you the opportunity to communicate intensively in German in a small group. We'll talk about topics that you find interesting and therefore, your suggestions are always welcome.



„Gerichtsschreiber“ – „Gesichtsschleier“ – „Geschichtsschreiber“

Do you sometimes experience difficulties with German pronunciation? In this module we will work on pronunciation, stress, and accent.


In our writing workshop we will hone beautiful texts!

We will discuss suitable wording for your emails, blog entries etc. and will practise the basics of writing.