Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

8. What are the differences between CIB pdf brewer 2 and 3?

The CIB pdf brewer 3 is a stand-alone PDF All-in-One solution which, in addition to many new features, also contains the entire range of functions of the CIB pdf brewer 2.

Among the innovations are:

A completely revised user interface creates clarity and focuses on functions. The user quickly finds his way around and long training periods are avoided.

E-invoices DSGVO compliant: The "brewer" supports numerous DSGVO compliant invoice formats. These include ZUGFeRD 2.1 and XRechnung, which are mandatory for invoicing to German authorities.

Security thanks to encryption: Support for PDF 2.0. The improved encryption mechanism can be used for even greater protection of documents.

PDF compression: The CIB fluXkomprimator is now part of the CIB pdf brewer and significantly reduces the size of PDF files. The quality is almost maintained and the readability of the documents is guaranteed at all times. This reduces archiving costs and avoids media discontinuity when sending digital documents.

Personalization: Thanks to its high integration capability, our brewer is more interesting than ever for companies. With the help of an interface, all functions of the CIB pdf brewer can be made available in other applications.

The CIB pdf brewer is free of charge: In the free version, brewer contains all the functions that can be selected from the user interface in full. Only e-invoices are provided with a demo imprint. Even in the freeware version, there is no limit for the creation of documents.

Another plus: The CIB pdf brewer still gets by without any advertising or adware!