Entity recognition

About this task

Train our AI to learn which data can be assigned to which entities. Is a name part of a company name, a postal address or, say, an email address? Is a series of numbers a monetary amount or a date? The AI will automatically recognize all of this - and more - thanks to your help. The goal is for it to be able to automatically extract data from documents in the future.

How do I complete a task

Click on the required entities to select them.

  1. Look closely at the document.
  2. Click on the required entities to select them - if they exist.
  3. Click OK to move to the next document.
  4. If you are not sure about the answer, click Skip.

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What entities can I find in a document?

  • Amount of money
    Amount of money are quantities of money. They can occur in different currencies.


    • Amount of money in euro: 154 €
    • Amount of money in US-dollar: 154 $

  • Cities
    This refers to city names.

    Example: Munich and Berlin are cities

  • Company names
    Here the names of companies are meant


    • Muster Firma AG
    • Musterfirma GmbH

  • Contries
    Here country names are meant.

    Example: the country France

  • Dates
    Specification of the date in different formats.


    • 17 July 2021
    • 17.07.2021
    • 07/17/2021

  • First names
    The proper name of a person in contrast to the family name.


    • Bettina Müller
    • Maximilian Berger

  • House number
    The house number is part of an address and follows the street name.


    Max Mustermann
    Main street 17
    12345 Sample city

  • IBANs
    The IBAN is a bank account number (abbreviation for International Bank Account Number) for international payment transactions. At the beginning of the IBAN is the two-digit country code - for Germany a „DE“.

    Example: DE 23 1000000 0012345678

  • ID numbers
    The ID card number or serial number is used to assign an ID card to a specific person. It is located on the front (top right) of the new German ID card and is made up of nine digits and letters.

  • IP addresses
    An IP address is a sequence of digits that can be used to uniquely identify each computer in a network (e.g., on the Internet). Most IP addresses have a maximum of 12 digits according to the IPv4 standard.


  • Last names
    One's last name is usually given at birth or through marriage.


    • Bettina Müller
    • Maximilian Berger

  • E-mail addresses
    E-mail addresses are addresses under which e-mails can be received. They consist of the recipient's name and the provider, separated by the @ sign.

    Example: email@example.com

  • Postal codes
    A postal code is the identification number of a place. As part of the postal address, it precedes the place of residence.

    Max Maier
    Main street 17
    81541 Munich

  • Street names

    Designations for streets in a city or town.

    Max Mustermann
    Linden street 33

  • Telephone numbers
    A telephone number is a sequence of digits that must be dialed in order to make a call to a specific party. It consists of a country code or area code and an extension number.

    Example: +49 30 12345-67

  • Customer IDs
    String of numbers and letters assigned to a customer for identification purposes.

    Example: Customer ID: K123456

  • Tax numbers
    The tax number (St.-Nr.) consists of 11 digits. It is often noted on invoices and makes it easier for the tax office to identify the issuers.

    Caution, risk of confusion: The VAT number identification number (USt-IDNr) of the issuer is also occasionally found on invoices. Although its name sounds similar, it is not the tax number.

    Example: Tax number: 079 / 123 / 12347

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