CIB ocr technical manual (EN)

1. Scope of Delivery

CIB ocr is delivered as a binary module, in the form of DLLs for Windows or shared libraries (Unix).




CIB ocr

  • CIBOcr32.dll respectively CIBOcr64.dll 
  • CIB ocr DLL , interface for application

Tesseract-language package

  • Folder „tessdata“ containing dictionaries for the used languages, f.e. deu.traineddata for German.

Hunspell dictionary

  • Hunspell dictionaries and stopword lists within the ‘hunspell’ directory

CIB runshell

  • cibrsh.exe
  • cibrsh64.exe



The language package mentioned above is used for Tesseract text-recognition. By Default CIB ocr searches the subfolder “tessdata” within the current folder. If a different folder is used for language-files this has to be declared in the property „DataFolder”.


CIB runshell

CIB runshell (cibrsh.exe) provides the possibility to call CIB ocr DLL directly. With this call text and barcode can be extracted from a specified inputfile.


cibrsh.exe –oc input.tif output.txt


CIB job

(From CIB ocr version 2.3.0 and CIB job version 1.8.0)

CIB ocr DLL can be started via CIB job xml.

CIB job xml can be used by CIB runshell (cibrsh.exe) or CIB documentserver.

Example CIB runshell:

cibrsh.exe –d job.xml


For detailed example for a CIB job XML look at chapter Calling CIB ocr via CIB job/CIB documentServer.